The British Government Is Determined To Destroy The NHS

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJul 22, 2021

Every step that the Conservative government has taken in the last ten years has helped bring the demise of the world famous health service, a lot closer.

John Cameron NHS image via Unsplash

In Britain, we have it so lucky. Unlike in the United States where health Insurance is usually tied to employment and millions are an illness away from financial ruin and destitution, the National Health Service provides a cradle to grave service to all British citizens.

More than any other time in its 73 year history, it has faced unprecedented crises, not only with the massive cuts to public services, but also with swathes of privatization and not forgetting the concerted pressure on nurses and doctors wrought by the first and second waves of the Covid pandemic.

The pandemic did bring home to the British people in the most powerful way imaginable, the extraordinary damage to the health system from years of austerity, the sordid conditions under which doctors and nurses function and our government’s narcoleptic approach to a national emergency.

While the NHS has been unraveling right before our very eyes, the conservative government has found better use for the British tax payers money, such as the following:

  1. Matt Hancock, the erstwhile Health secretary, elected to award a £37 billion contract to his friends for the test and trace app, something that has been described by general practitioners as an utter shambles and one that the Prime Minister and the Chancellor chose to ignore when they were instructed to self-isolate, last Sunday.
  2. Spending £200 million pound on purchasing a Royal Yacht, which was defended by the Business Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng as a much needed boost for the Royal Family and British industry.
  3. £10 billion expenditure for rearming against the threat of China and Russia, thereby increasing our nuclear war heads from 180 to 240.

4. £126,000 expense for Boris Johnson’s mistress, Jennifer Arcuri.

And yet, the Johnson government has only seen it fit to award the exceptional men and women of the NHS a 1% pay rise, knowing fully well that it can afford a 15% pay increase, given its profound profligacy in the last year.

Those who voted for Conservatives in the 2019 elections must now see that they have made a mistake of a lifetime, in siding with Boris’s arguments and not Jeremy Corbyn’s.

And what’s interesting is that life is only going to get worse from here on out. Amazon has already got its foot in the door. Asset stripping should commence in no time and the data of millions of British people will become readily available to the tech bros from Silicon valley.

who stands to gain the most?

The British Conservative elite, nearly all of whom are white.

And who stands to lose the most?

The white working class, who have always been blinded by their stupidity and bigotry.

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