The Great Unravelling of Bill Ackman

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJan 9, 2024

Witch hunts and the perils of living in glass houses.

Stolen via Twitter

Millions of Americans have never heard of AIPAC.

Scratch that.

Billions of people around the world will never have heard of AIPAC, until last week.

And yet, this little known outfit is responsible for who gets to represent every day folk in congress and senate in the most powerful nation in the world.

Its outsize power and influence has shown the degree to which plutocrats and oligarchs dictate everything which happens in American politics.

And this has come into sharp focus with what we have seen on our screens and smart phones in the last two months.

The killing of innocent civilians in Gaza has forced us all to take sides and for members of the all-powerful AIPAC, this is bad news.

And they have sought to control the narrative in congress and universities by punishing all criticisms of Israel’s behaviour.

And we have all seen Ivy league students marching to denounce their government and the state of Israel and for oligarchs like Bill Ackman, it is been too much to bear.

And this has led to the founder of Pershing to embark on a one-man crusade to ruin the careers of the Presidents of the universities where activism has been highest.

The pressure which our protagonist brought to bear on Harvard made it impossible for Professor Gay to carry on in her role and it led to her untimely resignation last week.

His tweets in the immediate aftermath of Gay’s departure, did show how happy he was that he had, had his way on the subject matter.

But no-one, not even he, could predict what would happen next.

Neri Oxman, Ackman’s second wife was exposed as having plagiarized her doctoral thesis from Wikipedia of all places.

Wikipedia, seriously?

Yes indeed.

Wikipedia is the place where idiots like us go to get information to write articles like this. But to have an Ivy league PhD use the same source without taking the time to attribute her sources is beyond criminal.



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