The Greatest National Security Threat To The United Kingdom? The Conservatives

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readNov 3, 2022

We need to do all that we can to oust the most corrupt and compromised government in the nation’s history.

Vijay Putra via Pexels

The general consensus is that Brexit is the greatest single act of self-immolation in British history.

And what’s pertinent about this salient fact is that the events of the 23rd of June 2016 would not have been possible without external forces meddling in our business. And everything that our government has done in the last six years is simply a confirmation of this view.

When Boris Johnson as foreign secretary in 2018 went to see the section chief of KGB at his villa and dispensed with his security detail, not too many members of parliament from the Labour party or the Scottish nationalists pushed for an enquiry on the former premier’s actions.

Johnson’s subsequent actions in elevating the progeny of the former KGB spy to the house of lords while overriding the advice of our security services, spoke volumes of the degree to which our polity has been corrupted by Russian money.

But the sordid affair surrounding the Russians and the Conservatives did not end with Boris Johnson.


It was revealed a few days ago that Liz Truss’s phone was bugged by the Russian secret services during her time as secretary of state for foreign affairs and her former boss was aware of this development and chose to say or do anything about it.


For they didn’t want this news to get out and impede her progression to becoming Prime Minister.

The highlight of Liz Truss’s disastrously short premiership was the revelation that her home secretary — Suella Braverman had sent emails a number of times from her private account.

As useless and weakened as Truss was, she made the right decision in sacking Braverman.

But by the time Braverman was dismissed, the momentum of the coup plotters within the Conservative party had gathered enough steam to ensure that the 3rd woman prime minister’s departure was all but confirmed.

But what happened next was and still is quite baffling.



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