The intellectual forebear of Lenin’s Imperialism; the highest stage of capitalism was John Atkinson Hobson. Hobson had detailed in very clear terms the problems and shortfalls of imperialism.

Illich Ulyanov expounded on it and went on to overthrow Kerensky in 1918. Having read your article, you devote so much time to pointing out the flaws of the marxist epistemology and yet pay so little attention to evils that capitalism had wrought in the 20th Century.

The pursuit of new markets had helped perpetrate genocide in Africa on a massive scale;Please read the atrocities committed by King Leopold II in Zaire as well as the crimes of the British and French throughout Africa in the 20th Century.

For the purpose of balance, let’s seek to examine all sides of the argument as opposed to spending so much time regurgitating the crimes of Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong.

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