The Least Attractive Type of Women

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readDec 13, 2022

Another riposte to an article I read….

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There’s a plethora of articles in this space about men.

Men who are losers; the type who never gets the girl and the sort who always finishes last.

But men are human too and they have their dos and don’ts.

This article will delve into the various types of unattractive women out there.

Women who can’t take no for an answer

Regardless of whether you look like George Clooney, Denzel Washington or Jonah Hill, you will have been rejected at one stage or another by women.

Rejection is the crucible in which vast numbers of heterosexual men are made; it is the means through which we learn to hone our skills at approaching females.

But what isn’t written about often enough are women who take rejection very badly. I state this because they have been programmed by society to think that however attractive they are, rejection is something that they never have to worry about.

We are talking about women who have reacted quite violently to being rejected.

Leonardo Di Caprio is an interesting case in point here. Several years ago, the Oscar winning actor was slashed in the face by a woman whom he had rejected.

And what about men who have been stalked by women whom they turned down?

I was at the receiving end of a stalker back in the 90s as a young man. So concerned was I for my personal safety that I contacted the police to report the umpteen incidents which took place back then.

Women who go on dates for free food and nothing meaningful

They know all of the most expensive restaurants in town.

Their entire lives revolve around carefully planning dates which entail going to these plush restaurants with their mark (dates).

While they are exceptionally talented at picking these pricey venues, you should never expect these individuals to ever go Dutch with you.

For all men, reading this post, do not touch these women with a barge pole.

And what about women, who may or may not fall into the category of those known as

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