We are witnessing the great unraveling of the house of Windsor and It’s impossible to see the monarchy lasting beyond the next generation.

Queen Elizabeth via Wikimedia commons

A Fully Independent Australia and Canada

Twenty one years ago, a referendum was called by the Australian government, on the question of whether Australia should become a republic or not. The idea of an independent Australia sent a huge frisson through the royal family and Prince Charles was duly dispatched to down under to help provide a timely reminder of why the country is better off being a dominion as opposed to being a republic and the result of the one off vote, was 55–45 in the monarchy’s favour.


In a referendum that foreshadowed the 2016 vote on Europe, Scotland elected in 2014, not to breakaway from the United Kingdom by 55–45%. This victory was aided in part by the subtle intervention of the Queen, when on a walk about in Aberdeenshire, made an obscure and a seemingly irrelevant remark, which was heavily reported in the British papers on the eve of the vote.

Prince Andrew and The Jeff Epstein Scandal

The news broke when Jeff Epstein was arrested back in 2019, that a number of high profile individuals, such as Bill Clinton were present at Epstein’s villa, when the abuse of under aged girls took place.

Emily Maitlis and Prince Andrew Interview via the BBC and YouTube

Duke and Duchess of Sussex

The Queen, unlike her recently deceased husband and her salacious and hedonistic son, has made a career of keeping her right wing views about Black and Asian people to herself and it came as a huge shock, when the Sussexes alleged that very senior members of the royal family had made racially insensitive comments about, Archibald, Prince Harry’s son.

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