The Monarchy Is Dead.

Adebayo Adeniran
6 min readMay 3, 2021

We are witnessing the great unraveling of the house of Windsor and It’s impossible to see the monarchy lasting beyond the next generation.

Queen Elizabeth via Wikimedia commons

When the current reigning monarch of the United Kingdom — Queen Elizabeth — ascended to the throne, formally in 1953, more than half of the people polled believed that she was ordained by God. Back then,Winston Churchill was Premier, the British empire was on its last legs; India had been granted independence and partitioned — East and West Pakistan had been carved out from within and homosexuality and abortion were still illegal and the race relations act was very much an abstraction.

In the intervening years, Britain went from being the main economy in Europe, to one that became a place, “where electricity ran for only three days a week(early 70s)”, one whose economy became so sclerotic, that it was forced to take a loan from the IMF in 1976 and not forgetting how perilously close it came to a military overthrow, when Harold Wilson was first lord of the treasury from 1974–76.

We also can’t ignore the extraordinary turn around in Britain’s economic fortunes, when the grocer’s daughter was elected first woman prime minister in 1979, the raft of measures undertaken, which propelled to the city of London to being the biggest financial center in Europe. Around this time, there was the collapse of Soviet Russia, the end of apartheid and the emergence of a new world order.

Through the tumultuous events of the late twentieth century, her majesty was a constant, reassuring presence in a world, which seemed to have lost its mind. But despite its famed ability to reinvent itself, through great political and social upheavals, the monarchy has run completely run out of steam and is increasingly out of step with today’s world.

In a series of points below, I will set out the reasons why the monarchy as we know it, is on critical life support and why we will see the republics of England, Scotland, Wales and a united Ireland in our lifetime.

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