The One Superpower I Wish I Had On Medium: Complete Control of The Algorithms.

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 4, 2021

I Wish I Was Able To Bend The Medium Algorithm To My Will, In The Battle For The Top Dollar.

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For two consecutive months I was named as one of the recipients of the $500 bonus. I am happy and privileged to have been selected, for what was deemed, “ quality writing”, even though I have never felt as though, I belonged to the category of great writers, anywhere, never mind medium.

Although I have been a paid subscriber to medium since October 2017, I never once saw myself as a scribe, only a reader. Back then, I was profoundly deferential to those who wrote regularly on this platform and regarded them as demi gods.

Even after the job loss during the Covid season, I was far more interested in buying and reading a plethora of books than committing words to print.

Then something strange happened.

I read a number of articles about people who wrote about making several thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, on this platform, writing about self development, mental health and topics that they felt very strongly about.

And it was at that point, that I made the decision to write on a platform, that I spent so much time reading on.

My first article was a review on Barack Obama’s promise land, which was published on illumination on the 29th of December 2020. For this, I am eternally grateful to the editor in chief of the publication —Dr. Mehmet Yildiz,

Since then I have published nearly 70 articles, been named top writer in four categories as well as being the lucky recipient of the reader focused initiative from the medium board.

Will We Ever Be Able To Bend The Algorithm To Our Will?

Having spent a huge amount of time, reading a vast number of articles on medium, I am none the wiser as to what constitutes a viral article and how reader engagement gets rewarded, with greater visibility.

Even when I had two articles go slightly viral in April and May, I was honestly taken aback by the spike in numbers.

The new format of the front page has been deleterious for the those driven by the numbers, that I was compelled to write an…



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