The Paddington Bear and The Grotesque Hypocrisy of The United Kingdom

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 5, 2022

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Paddington Bear via Wikimedia Commons

The Paddington bear is a fictional character firmly embedded in the nation’s imagination and much more importantly, in our affections.

What’s interesting about this character is that it isn’t British; according to the creator — Michael Bond — Paddington Bear’s a refugee who came from ‘ the darkest Peru’ only to be adopted by a sympathetic family, who lent him the name by which he is world famous.

If you are in any doubt of the enduring popularity of the bear, I would urge you to visit London and take a walk around the heart of Britain’s capital city.

For all non-Brits here, you must know that despite our myriad problems, Britain is having a moment in the spotlight.

And what exactly might this be?

We are commemorating 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II on the throne, and allied to this special occasion is a celebration of all things British.

And what better way of celebrating Her Majesty than to have one of the most iconic figures of the last sixty years feature in a short film?

The result of which is the profoundly poignant production below.

Anyone who has seen the film featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Her Majesty in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics would admit that that it pales in comparison to the latest offering above.

For a guy who is incredibly ambivalent on the subject of the royal family and everything that it stands for, watching the Queen and Paddington Bear putting on show for the British people was strangely touching, as we are all starting to recognize that this could be the final act of one of the towering figures in British history.

But enough of the sentimental nonsense and back to the issue of the Paddington Bear and the grotesque hypocrisy of the state.

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