The Profound Tragedy Of The Black Conservative Politician.

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readJun 23, 2021

Ambition, but at what cost?

Kwasi Kwarteng via Wikimedia Commons

Back in 2012, not too long before I moved away from London, England to work abroad, I used to go the British Library, twice a week to read and research. It was at this time that I met Kwasi Kwarteng, already a Conservative member of parliament for Spelthorne — a large constituency, which covers Britain’s biggest airport — Heathrow.

Kwarteng, a Cambridge PhD, who had published a book titled: “ Ghosts of the empire” seemed like one of those young, hungry and dynamic Tories, destined to shake up British politics forever. When we spoke then, he told me about his plans to write a book, which would eviscerate all politicians — conservative, liberal and labour —of their management of the economy.

But as the years went by, over the course of four electoral cycles in 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019, his progression seemed highly unlikely as lesser educated and qualified Tories kept getting promoted ahead of him.

And then all that changed in 2020.

Kwasi Kwarteng became the business secretary, responsible for government policy on business and the private sector.

Any goodwill that Britain’s best educated politician, (yes, he is by far the best educated parliamentarian) may have generated upon his appointment last year quickly evaporated, when he had a few disastrous interviews on his party’s gaslighting policies.

But the biggest prize winner was Kwarteng’s interview trying to justify the government’s idea of spending 200 million pounds on a royal yacht, in a country where child poverty is so rife, where vast numbers of people have been made unemployed and fallen into the precariat since the pandemic began.

At that precise moment, It was hard not to feel sorry for the highly expensively educated Kwasi Kwarteng, trying to defend a policy that even he had absolutely no belief in, but something that had to be done, as an ambitious middle aged politician, who had been overlooked…



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