The Role of Churches In the Destruction of The Nigerian Society

Adebayo Adeniran
10 min readJun 6, 2021

The worship of the almighty mammon has led to the complete collapse of Africa’s largest economy and the clergy class are playing a leading role.

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When people type Nigeria online, one of the very first thing that jumps at them, is Boko Haram and the carnage inflicted on the natives of Borno State, an area situated, in the North-East of the country. The damage done since the terrorist group came into existence has been immense; tens of thousands dead, billions of dollars spent on purchasing the state of the art equipment and yet, the war still rages, till this very day.

Despite the headlines generated by this group, the extraordinary paradox, is that, the biggest destruction done to the polity, in the last 40 years, hasn’t been by mosques and the teaching of Islam, but by churches — small, medium and large — in a country, where extreme poverty is the order of the day and a place where the clergy class unashamedly, measure their greatness, by their proximity to the leading political players.

Young Preachers on the come up

For young preachers, coming up, in the church game, watching from afar, with a degree of envy, they covet and seek to have the influence, prominence and most important of all — the money, of the older players in the game and to do that, they use unconventional methods. One of such players, was Sign Fireman.

Sign Fireman, was featured in a channel 4 documentary (a British TV station), teaching his staff, “business strategy” on how to attract new members, “performing miracles” and doing what was needed to increase market share and compete in an already crowded field. Mr. Fireman, would have been so forgettable, had the story not emerged that our protagonist, was engaged in ritual killing of a 12 year old girl, for which he never stood trial.

The Established Players

There are quite a number of players in this select category, as stated earlier, these “Pastors” have a great number of branches…



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