The Stupidity of The English Working Class and The England Football Team.

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJun 13, 2021

In failing to support their national team, the English working class are showing the world, the full extent of their stupidity and bigotry.

Joshua Hoehne via Unsplash

The European football championships are currently ongoing in a number of cities across Europe and as expected, people are getting behind their national team, supporting their respective countries, as stridently as they possibly can.

But one nation has been quite the exception thus far.

No prizes for guessing correctly.

The England National Team supporters.

Since the murder of George Floyd, a year ago, football teams in the English premier league have been taking the knee, a la Colin Kaepernick, in recognition of the work needed to be done in moving forward, on the subject of ending racism in the English game.

Up until a few months ago, football supporters weren’t allowed to attend matches, due to the issues surrounding the deadly corona virus. But since the vaccination of great numbers of people, we have begun to see a few thousands of fans at stadia across the country, in preparation for the tournament now taking place across twelve European cities.

And in the spirit of fans going to watch their teams play that the we are…



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