The Supreme Hypocrisy of Boris Johnson’s war on Drugs

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readDec 8, 2021

Another distraction from the abjectly incompetent and useless conservatives.

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It’s five in the morning in Liverpool, the North-West of England. But it is far from your typical freezing winter morning in December.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson is riding shotgun with a number of policemen to carry out a drug bust. Johnson is talking tough about clamping down on gangsters ruining our country, operating across county lines and filling our streets with their deadly, poisonous merchandise.

Our man’s also talking a very good game about the investing huge amounts in recruitment of new officers, rehabilitation programs etc.

As with everything else from this discredited and shambolic government, it is all rhetoric, one that rings particularly hollow, not least because of everything that we now know.

And what might this be?

The speaker of the house of commons, Lindsey Hoyle, called the police in to investigate the rife use of cocaine in the lavatories at palace of Westminster, only a few days ago.

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Drug use in the Britain’s halls of democracy?

Surely it’s got to be fake news.

Oh yes, because the story actually gets much worse.

According to reports from confidential sources, quite a number of Conservative members of parliament are prolific cocaine users, with the parliamentary bathrooms being the preferred spot for snorting the white lines and this has happened in the company of a few journalists.

It must be pointed out that several serving cabinet ministers including Michael Gove and the Prime Minister himself have admitted to taking cocaine at social gatherings, something which hasn’t affected their near seamless rise to the top of British politics.

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The Supreme hypocrisy of the White middle

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