The United Kingdom Has Never Been A Racist Country: Don’t Listen To Folks Who State Otherwise

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJan 9, 2023

Another one from the fairy.

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain is by far the most progressive country in the west.

And Brexit was nothing to do race or xenophobia.

It was everything about reclaiming our sovereignty from the meddling Europeans.

The Poles, Romanians, Czechs, Bulgarians, Kosovans, Albanians and other folks from the continent who came to work in the UK were treated and welcomed with open arms.

Contrary to the crap that you have read from the son of the King of England in the last few weeks, months and years, the United Kingdom of Great Britain is haven of tolerance; one which has sought to embrace different cultures and races.

What about colonialism?

It was a harmless bit of fun, which was mutually beneficial to the natives and the Brits who went out to these foreign territories.

Prior to our presence, Africans were a primitive lot with traditions that made no sense to anyone; cannibalism and infanticide was quite rife.

And what’s more, those folks had no history.

We felt that it was incumbent upon us to christianize them and teach them the language of civilization, poetry and commerce.

The genocide which was reported to have taken place in Australia and New Zealand was in fact made up by the French who were incredibly jealous at our rapid and dynamic expansion throughout the globe.

And what about the massacres in far flung parts of the globe?

And by that you’re referring to the Indian Mutiny in 19th century?

Never happened.

The episode in which thousands of Indians were meant to have been brutally slaughtered by the British never took place; it was only a skirmish between Hindus who weren’t keen on become Christians and a small section of British expats.

The Amritsar Massacre?

It was all made up, I am afraid.

General Dyer and his men didn’t so much as fire one bullet into the crowd of unarmed men, women and children.



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