The Western Paradigm Is Rotten: A Wholesale Purge Is Required

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readNov 21, 2023

The sooner it happens the better.

A journalist, whose sacrifice exemplifies the spirit of the Palestinians. Image via Twitter

A few days ago, the Scottish National Party triggered a vote in the Westminster parliament for cease fire in Gaza and guess what?

The vote was defeated handily.

The vast majority of Labour MPs, who wanted to vote with their conscience couldn’t do so, because they were instructed by the leader of the party —Keir Starmer.

The Conservatives, as was their wont, voted and abstained in large numbers for the continued slaughter of Palestinian babies and women in real time and we are left with one inescapable fact: our current system is completely rotten.

Rotten from being compromised with the dollars of the oligarchs, who determine those who represents us and who don’t.

Rotten from the grotesque inequality, which has destroyed social mobility beyond all recognition.

And clearly rotten from fighting unjust wars, which were never sanctioned by the public.

To be fair, this fact was staring us in the face and we chose to look the other way, the whole time.

We had Iraq, Syria, and not forgetting Libya.

Back in 2003, the United States with the United Kingdom, defied the UN and its citizens and went ahead to invade Iraq, using Saddam Hussein and his possession of nuclear weapons as the ultimate lie.

What we saw back then, was the determination of the military-industrial complex to override the will of its electorate to control Iraqi oil.

And when Iraq began to fall apart, the likes of Condoleezza Rice, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and George Bush looked the other way.

It was bad enough that America had run a huge deficit on waging a war which made no sense, but this was made worse by what took place subsequently.

And by this, I am referring to the global financial crash of 2008.

The unravelling of our financial system, showed the degree to which our financial and political systems were entangled in a mutually beneficial and incestuous relationship.



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