The Wholehearted Embrace of African-American Genius Is The Main Antidote To American Decline

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJun 21, 2024

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Image via Jopwell on Pexel

The United States of America is in steep decline.

It is fighting too many wars on too many fronts to be able to fulfill the requirements of a global hegemon.

Of all of the wars, in which it is (or has been) embroiled, the one against the sons and daughters of Africa is by far the most intractable and protracted.

This war was declared the minute the very first ship containing Africans touched the soil of the new world in 1619.

And this war has endured for centuries by way of chattel slavery, the civil war, Jim Crow, redlining, the prison industrial-complex and over policing and what’s extraordinary is that it is showing absolutely no signs of abating.

That African-Americans have thrived in an ongoing war by way of countless cultural, economic and political innovations is beyond amazing.

The innovations of Black people in sport, music, poetry and political resistance have helped offset the immense damage done by the military industrial-complex, which has waged ruinous wars and killed millions across the world.

There isn’t a place on earth which hasn’t been touched by the towering genius of Michael Jackson…



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