Time For Boris Johnson To Drink Hemlock?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readApr 13, 2022

Yesterday’s development makes Britain’s worst ever premier’s position completely untenable.

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The news broke yesterday that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom —Boris Johnson and his Chancellor of the Exchequer — Rishi Sunak — are to be fined by the police for breaking the lockdown rules.

This follows months of investigation by the police and the resignation of the downing street press secretary, who was filmed laughing and joking about what took place in the nation’s seat of power, when millions of Brits were forced to remain indoors and couldn’t see dying relatives.

We also can’t forget the repeated lies told by the first lord of the treasury to parliament when he stated that he knew absolutely nothing about the parties which held at his official residence.

The imposition of a fine on a sitting Prime Minister, is the very first of its kind since the position was created well over 300 years ago. Britain’s preeminent law maker has now become its first law breaker in office.

Given the circumstances, you would expect that Boris Johnson would do the right thing and fall on his sword?

God no!

Such is the shamelessness of the worst ever occupant of number 10 Downing street.

What’s even more grating is the deafening silence of his parliamentary colleagues in refusing to call for their leader to step aside.

Daily mail screenshot from Twitter

In one of the right wing newspapers, its headline was one of outrage at the suggestion that Boris Johnson should resign with immediate effect.


Because the country is at war with Russia.

It is almost as though the Daily Mail has completely forgotten about Britain’s sordid role under the Conservatives, in providing a safe space for Russian oligarchs to launder their ill gotten wealth over the last ten years.

Or they think that we have forgotten about Evgeny Lebedev, progeny of a top ranking FSB agent, who was elevated to the house of lords by Boris Johnson, despite advice to the…



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