Time To Fucking Smash The Hold of “The Big Writers”on Medium

Adebayo Adeniran
5 min readMay 19, 2021

Too many decent writers are coming up against a rigged system, which entrenches the “big writers and older publications”. The time has come for an overthrow of the existing order, which privileges the few over the many.

Hannah Olinger via unsplash

This write up isn’t going to earn me any brownie points and guess what? I don’t care at all. It is something that I have been keen on writing for a very long time and I was especially impelled to commit words to print after having read a number of articles, over the last few days.

There are a number of unpopular opinions that I will list and outline over the course of this article, stay with me, if you can.

Unpopular Opinion Number 1: The Famous writers on medium aren’t better than the newer ones.

Having read a vast number of writers on medium, I remain unconvinced that the older writers produce intrinsically superior articles to the newer scribes. This is entirely based on prose style, flow of arguments, knowledge of subject and the vocabulary of the writers, encountered, thus far.

I have read profoundly incoherent and inaccurate articles by writers, who have 100,000 followers and have been utterly spell bound by authors of fewer than 200 followers.

Great quality is to be found in the most unusual settings — small publications. Please take note.

Unpopular opinion Number 2: There are only so many articles, that we can handle, from these “celebrated writers” regurgitating the points they made, in a different article, two hours ago.

It’s not uncommon to see a feted scribe, generating ten write-ups on their existential angst about their next career option, Anglo-American Fascism or corrupt plutocrats and Oligarchs. Without wanting to seem hostile or even worse — a troll — there is only so much rehashing of the same topic so many times, that anyone can bear, without coming away feeling that one’s intelligence is seriously being insulted.

Unpopular Opinion Number 3: No writer, however popular, on this platform,is about to be the next Pulitzer or Nobel Prize winning author.

Salman Rushdie, Malcolm Gladwell, Ta Nehisi Coates, Jordan Peterson, Marlon James, Aravind Adiga, Howard Jacobson…



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