Trump Needs HipHop Stars More Than They Need Him

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readFeb 20, 2024

They just don’t know it yet..

Expect more images like these. Picture via Twitter

Donald Trump’s campaign to become president is sinking even before it’s fully begun.

His friends and family know it and it’s worth pointing out that he knows it too.

Buffeted by huge debts and court judgments, our protagonist has had to find a way of paying the state of New York, E Jean Carroll and setting aside a vast sums for the court cases, which are threatening to derail his ultimate life goal.

And it’s against the backdrop of his mounting troubles that Trump launched a Kanye Westesque merchandise: The Golden trainers.

Image via Twitter

The Golden Trainers?

Given that the general elections are around the corner and there isn’t much time left to raise substantial amounts of money, Trump has had to pivot to selling trainers with the hope of getting the constituency, which has always consistently voted for the Democrats: African Americans.

Getting African American voters to turn up at the polling booths to vote Republican is almost impossible, but Trump has been playing the long game by courting the gatekeepers of the culture…



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