Ukraine Has Lost The War: It Should Sue For Peace Immediately

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readDec 7, 2023

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Image via Wikimedia commons.

Ukraine is the great pawn of the United States of America.

And the events of the last few months have underlined this point much more than we care to admit and acknowledge.

For a minute, the all-powerful PR machine of the military industrial-complex, gave the impression that the lives of everyday Ukrainian mattered and what they were fighting for was a truly noble cause.

Anyone who remembers the CNN coverage of those heady days in March 2022, would be forgiven for thinking that Putin was the worst thing since Herr Hitler.

And with good reason too.

Ordinary folks had borne the brunt of Russian sponsored assassination attempts in the United Kingdom, while the memories of Cambridge Analytica’s undermining of British and American democracy in 2016, when folks were hoodwinked into voting for Brexit and Donald Trump, remains as strong as ever.

The Russian strongman had very few supporters on both sides of the Atlantic and it was just too easy for Rupert Murdoch’s organizations to make the dirt stick.

And in Volodymyr Zelenskyy, we had an unwitting and willing participant, who was depicted as the closest thing to a saint.

And it was precisely for this reason that the comedian turned politician had support from all quarters including the Klitchko brothers, who joined in the war efforts to keep Ukraine from the Russian bear.

And yes, that support also included the American congress, which provided billions in dollars of equipment and aid to facilitate Ukraine’s swift victory and full ejection of Russia from its territory.

But no such thing has happened.

A few scalps have been claimed by both sides, but neither has landed the decisive blow.

You must never forget that the real challenge to Putin, came interestingly enough from his own side and not from the enemy.

The former head of its mercenary outfit, the Wagner Group, decided to execute a coup and was kilometers away from ousting the uber paranoid Russian, before he was talked out of it by the Belarussian dictator.



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