Was Salman Rushdie at Fault For His Multiple Stabbings?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readAug 18, 2022

Some readers here seem to think so….

Markus Winkler via Unsplash

I wrote an article a few days ago regarding the destruction of our world by the great religious texts in our midst.

I pointed to the wars, genocide, poverty, racism as evidence of the effect of the Bible and Quran.

In the same post, I also did allude to the fatwa that was issued by the Iranian government in the immediate aftermath of Rushdie’s book and the events of last week Friday.

As expected, there were those who agreed and those who didn’t. And what took place in the comment section was for the better part, polite debate.

But there was an exception.

There was a gentleman who thought that it was Rushdie’s fault that he got stabbed 15 times nearly a week ago. And for all avoidance of doubt, I have done a screen shot of the comment below for all readers of this article.

Screen shot from my laptop

And then I began to wonder: How many more people are like Rosili out there? Are they right in stating that Salman Rushdie deserved what he got? Are they exclusively Muslims or Christians? And to what degree have they been conditioned by society to violently disagree with those who take a different view from them?

So what are these minority voices saying? Are they saying that when anyone expresses a contrary view to theirs, that it is perfectly acceptable to stab them fifteen times?

And what do the events of Friday tell us about the world in which we live today?

I pose these questions because I do believe that we are more polarized than at anytime in recent history.

The would be assailant of Salman Rushdie is 24 years old. That is to say that he was born long after the Fatwa on the British writer was issued and the atmosphere in which he grew up made it acceptable for him to think that stabbing the prize winning author was the best way of making his voice heard.

So what happens next?

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