Was White Female Privilege, The reason Why Lucy Letby Got Away With Murdering Babies For The Longest Time?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readAug 20

Race and the criminal justice system.

The face of evil-Lucy Letby. Image via Twitter

Lucy Letby.

Ms. Letby was found guilty a few days ago of having murdered seven and the attempted murder of six babies between 2015 and 2016.

As far as child murderers go in the United Kingdom, Lucy Lethby ranks alongside Myra Hindley as one of the most persistent ever.

But these crimes should never have happened.

Dr. Ravi Jayaram, the consultant pediatrician, who had long suspected Lucy Letby of killing premature babies was disciplined by the senior managers at the hospital and made to read out a letter of apology to the serial killer.

In any sane world, the word of a highly reputable doctor would be taken very seriously and acted upon, but this was no sane world.

This was a world in which the word of a white nurse was taken far more seriously than a doctor who was of a different skin colour.

And we are left with seven dead babies and parents who may never recover from the heartbreak of having lost their precious children.

But we must ask, if the whiteness of the serial killer, was the main reason behind the reluctance to investigate the allegations made by Dr. Jayaram.

I pose this highly controversial question, because the senior managers at the hospital resisted every attempt to investigate Letby and even when the guilty verdict was pronounced, the manner in which she was portrayed in the print and broadcast media, was interesting to say the least.

If you’re in any doubt, check out the image below:

Image via Twitter

Our protagonist was humanized beyond comprehension and the image above was microcosmic of the collective…

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