Watching Al-Jazeera Has Nearly Wrecked My Mental Health

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readMar 3, 2024

Imagine what’s happening to those stuck in Gaza.

Image by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels

Of all the channels available to me, only one has sought to capture what has been happening in Gaza.

It’s not the BBC and nor is it the CNN.

It is, and you may have guessed it — Al-Jazeera.

This station, which is owned by the Qatari state, is very well funded and broadcasts in English and Arabic.

What Al-Jazeera has been able to do, has been to attract some of the very best talent in the anglosphere to report what’s happening across the world, without fear or favour.

And its reporting is the very basis of this article.

Since the genocide began in October 2023, Al-Jazeera has been the only network which has humanized the Palestinian people.

And also shown the full devastation of Israel’s war crimes.

Watching the footage of those babies in the incubators, who were left to die and the dead bodies of those children on the streets of Gaza, has been too much to take in.

Thus far, the numbers of dead women and children are well over 30,000.

I am thousands of miles away from where the ethnic cleansing is currently taking place and yet I am extremely angry…



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