When The Black, Brown and White Working Classes Unite, The Amazon ALU Victory Is What You Get

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readApr 2, 2022

Could this be the start of the worker’s revolution?

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I strongly believe that unionism (and unions) is the only refuge of the working classes.

Unions, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries achieved great success in fighting for humane working conditions for the skilled and unskilled working man and woman, at a time when underage children in factories and underage prostitutes were quite common place in cities across the United Kingdom.

The oligarchs, a hundred years ago, recognized that a unified working class, of Black, Brown and White people will have the whip hand over them and for them, this has been the stuff of nightmares. And this is why the schisms of race among the poorest has been of the greatest importance to politicians and the plutocrats who fund them.

The likes of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher made their names from siding with big business to destroy the trade union movement in the 1980s.

When Reagan spoke of the ‘welfare queen’ it was to plant the idea in the heads of the white working class that Blacks were lazy scroungers, who never wanted to work and lived for collecting welfare checks. When Margaret Thatcher spoke of the enemy within, it was to demonize the miners of the Northern cities and get their Southern counterparts to actively work against their aims and objectives.

The side effect of this has been the consolidation of the wealth of the 1% and the continued immiseration of the working man and woman in the 1980s and 1990s.

This sad state of affairs has been no different in the twenty-first century.

The corporate behemoths of our time such as Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon have made their fortunes off the back of being able to exploit humanity without being held accountable for their actions.

Here in Britain, stories were abound of Amazon employees (pregnant women) working under highly pressured conditions and not being allowed toilet breaks and yet Boris Johnson’s government did nothing by way policy to get Jeff Bezo’s organization to adopt humane policies, during the pandemic.

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