Why Aren’t There More White British Women Speaking Out In Support of Meghan Markle?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readFeb 10

My two cents on the racial faultlines of sisterhood.

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Meghan Markle is the most hated individual in Britain today.

Read that again.

In a country which has produced murderous policemen, royal pedophiles, virulent racists and fraudulent politicians in recent times, it has found a bi-racial American actress to be the greatest source of discontentment; a lightening rod for all kinds of disgusting attacks.

Interesting isn’t it?

I state this because I don’t think there’s anyone who has attracted as much opprobrium and column inches of pure hate as the Duchess of Sussex.

You have had the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, the presenter of Top Gear, expressing his views about what he would like to see happen to the Duchess, with quite a number of white British women fully countenancing his bigotry.

And Sarah Vine is an interesting case in point here.

Ms. Vine was married to a highly prominent Conservative politician — Michael Gove — who was seen as a future Prime Minister, until he was exposed as a two-time backstabbing renegade.

Ms. Vine had no qualms in writing an article in support of Jeremy Clarkson, as evinced in the image below.

Image via Twitter

And she isn’t the only one.

There is mumsnet.

Mumsnet is an organization which started nearly 23 years ago in the United Kingdom which has since grown into one of the most powerful platforms for women around the world.

The likes of Blair and Cameron did do a huge amount of work in courting the subscribers to this platform in their bid to win elections in times past, owing to what they thought was the pulling power of mumsnet.

But on the subject of Meghan Markle, their advocacy for their fellow woman has been found wanting.

Or shall I say, quite inimical.

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