Why Do So Many People Have a Pathological Hatred of The Left In The UK and America?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJan 7, 2023

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The BBC is the national broadcaster.

And it has been at the forefront of all kinds of attacks by the right wing establishment.

According to them, the BBC is seen as a leftist organization filled with too many people who had marxist sympathies during their time at university.

If you aren’t resident in Britain, it is all too easy to fall for this line of thinking, conveniently ignoring the fact that since our exit from the EU, no BBC journalist has dared to ask questions about the deleterious consequences that Brexit has had on millions of people in and around the country.

And the lack of scrutiny from the British media has given the Brexiteers, the carte blanche to act as though the profound difficulty which has arisen from leaving the EU and the single market is a figment of the imagination of millions of Brits.

Jeremy Corbyn is the only frontline leader in modern British political history to campaign for office under the banner of democratic socialism.

His manifesto for change was incredibly ambitious.

It was meant to put the country on track, after years of asset stripping conservatism by way of bedroom tax and austerity.

You would think that the British people who had suffered greatly would embrace that which would change their lives beyond all recognition?

Hell no.

Instead they listened to the filth and lies of the Daily Mail and The Sun newspapers about Corbyn being a Russian Mole and an anti-semite, who would set about destroying the United Kingdom.

And once the lies of the tabloid press had got into their heads, Jeremy Corbyn did not stand a chance.

And Britain’s pathological hatred of the left meant that we are here living our worst lives; far more than the most imaginative apocalyptic writer could ever conjure up.

Prince Harry, by his own admission in the soon to be released book described himself as a bigot, prior to meeting his wife.

And with good reason too.



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