Why Does Alexei Navalny Get To Be The Good Guy And Julian Assange, The Bad Guy?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readFeb 21, 2024

Just asking….

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It was Mathis in the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace, who said that if you live long enough, you start to have great difficulty in working out who the good and the bad guys are.

And this point was made with good reason too.

In the previous film, Casino Royale, we were led to believe for a minute that it was Mathis who betrayed the British secret agent to Le Chiffre and it was much later in the movie that we discovered that it was Vesper Lynd, who did the dirty deed and for this, she paid a very high price.

For lots of us in life, we have been forced to come to terms with this insight in the most brutal way imaginable.

Angelina Jolie, only recently, came out to speak forcefully against the American military-industrial complex and the immense damage which it has done around the globe.

John Cusack, the star of many films, has been quite vocal in his denunciation of his government and its many misdeeds around the world.

So why have I raised this?

Alexei Navalny and Julian Assange.

One is an anti-Semitic and extreme chauvinist and the other is an activist, committed to saving democracy in the west.

One has described Muslims in his homeland as cockroaches, who should be made extinct and the other has exposed the atrocities committed against Muslims, by way of America, spreading democracy to other parts of the globe.

And yet one was depicted as a saint and the other, a traitor.


Join the club.

Nearly every British news outlet on the day that Navalny’s death was announced, you would have thought that it was Jesus Christ being crucified all over again: that he had never made statements which were nakedly anti-Semitic; that he never called for the genocide of certain types of people.

And you would have been forgiven for being confused when Joe Biden, Olaf Scholz and Rishi Sunak came out to denounce Vladimir Putin, while sanitizing Navalny’s image.



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