Why Is Biden Using Kamala Harris To Do His Dirty Work On Gaza?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readDec 3, 2023

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The ceasefire ended a few days ago.

And Israel promptly recommenced bombing Gaza, with more horrific images emerging from the scene of the action.

If we thought that what we saw in October and November were deeply traumatic, what we have seen in the last few days, has taken the prize.

But something interesting has been bubbling close to the surface.

Over the course of the two months, we have seen the public in western Europe and America dramatically turn on the governments over their role in Israel’s genocide in Palestinian territory.

And we have also seen Israel’s propaganda machine go into overdrive, with all kinds of lies pervading our social media space on what’s been happening.

And you must know that when I write of Israel’s propaganda machine, it is worth stating that this term extends to their friends in the western press, who have allowed Israeli ambassadors to spout their untruths, unchecked on CNN and BBC.

And we must also put Bill Maher and Sacha Baron Cohen in the mix too.

The former used his show to attack Black folks, who have dared to speak out in support of Palestine, while the latter has worked really hard behind the scenes for ADL to get TikTok to moderate the horrors of the IDF.

But their efforts have failed miserably.

With millions of people getting their information from Al-Jazeera and social media, the voices of protest and opposition to Israel’s atrocities have been quite strident, threatening to blow our ear drums to smithereens.

And the Biden government has awoken to this reality, quite belatedly.

Yesterday, the Vice President Kamala Harris, in her brief remarks, said something which we hadn’t heard from the Biden administration since the genocide began: to put limits to what Israel can and cannot do and much more…



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