Why Is Rishi Sunak Giving Ukraine £2.5 Billion, When Millions are Hungry and The NHS Is Falling Apart?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJan 15, 2024

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That the Conservative government in the United Kingdom is on its last legs is beyond dispute.

That Brexit has all but destroyed the country which gave the world, Shakespeare, Association football, Rugby and the English Language is clear for all to see.

That homelessness and poverty has become a feature of British life in the last 3 years, isn’t at all in question, but we must ask why is Rishi Sunak, giving billions of pounds to Ukraine?

In a move which took many by surprise, the unelected premier went to Ukraine to stand shoulder to shoulder with the beleaguered Zelenskyy to announce that the UK government would be supporting Ukraine’s efforts to defeat Russia.

Now if this had happened in 2006, when Britain was thriving, it would have been different proposition, but this is 2024: the United Kingdom of Great Britain is to all intents and purposes, a failing state; a place where millions of people are heavily reliant on food banks and its health care and public facilities are falling apart, from years of under-investment.

And when we scrutinize our economic performance since 2020, we have shrunk below the levels of our contemporaries.

And yet, we are busy funding Ukraine’s war efforts, and one which has absolutely no guarantees of victory?

In America, things are slightly different on the political front.

The Republicans, for reasons of political expediency or fiscal accountability, made the all-important decision to stop bankrolling Ukraine’s efforts against the Russians and Zelenskyy was humiliated on his last visit, a few weeks ago.

The European Union has committed vast sums to Ukraine, but even they and by this I mean the leading nations —Germany and France — are slightly ambivalent about supporting the American cause in Eurasia. If the EU could operate independently off the world’s largest economy, not one penny would have been diverted to Ukraine.

But here in the UK, we weren’t under any pressure to commit any funds and yet our government decided to act unilaterally.



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