Why Isn’t Norman Finkelstein Dominating The Airwaves At a Time Like This?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readNov 3, 2023

Just asking…

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The current war isn’t being wages in Gaza alone.

There’s a huge war of attrition taking place on social media, with Twitter, Facebook and Instagram proving a fertile space where lies are spread and eviscerated with equal intensity and fervour.

With the leading broadcast media outlets, they have been quite exceptional in pumping out minding blowing propaganda, designed to make people believe that the Palestinians are the worst thing since ISIS.

In America, politicians on the left who once could be relied on to take a bold stance on the subject of war crimes have been strangely silent.

The last month has been the most quiet that Bernie Sanders, AOC, Elizabeth Warren have been.

And this is no different from what’s happening in the United Kingdom.

Those whom could be relied upon in the past to speak up powerfully have disappeared from the public discourse.

Trust me, it is no coincidence at all.

Nor has it been a coincidence that only folks with largely pro-Israeli viewpoints have been allowed anywhere near the BBC and CNN.

In Britain, we have had the very racist Melanie Phillips and Daniel Finkelstein of The Times Newspapers, speaking in favour of the atrocities which have been committed by the Netanyahu government.

There’s also been Simon Schama, a highly venerated historian and academic, who spouted a few lies only to recant them when presented with ample evidence.

And that brings me to the basis of this article: why isn’t Professor Norman Finkelstein being given any time at a time like this?

I pose this question because he has as much legitimacy as anyone else to speak on the war crimes being committed right before our very eyes.

Norman Finkelstein was born to parents who were survivors of the holocaust. His life story gives him as much credibility as anyone on this fraught subject.



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