Why Would You Want To Be American President If You Can Buy The Biggest Social Media Platform and Bend The World To Your Will?

Adebayo Adeniran
3 min readApr 9, 2022

One individual has redefined what it means to be uber wealthy in today’s world.

A former American President via Wikimedia commons

Once upon a time, being president of the United States of America was the most sought after job in the world; the power and the prestige conferred upon this job counted for everything. The sobriquet, leader of the free world has been in existence for as long as I can imagine.

What’s also made the job exclusive is the requirement that all would be candidates must be natural born citizens-something which rules out the man who more than ever wants to have say in everything — Elon Musk.

But does Elon Musk need the presidency? Is the American president still relevant in this day and age?

More than any human alive today, Elon Musk has the power to decide the direction in which the wind blows and what the agenda should be.

Markets tremble at his feet, companies are transformed off the basis of his tweets.

You will all remember when our protagonist became a Crypto fan for a long minute and Tesla bought $1.5 billion worth of bitcoin?

Bitcoin’s numbers went up and it became the rage.

And what happened, when it chose to give it up?

Its numbers went down.

And this brings me to what happened a few days ago.

Given our man’s propensity for being in control of the narrative, Musk ran a poll asking his 80 million followers on Twitter, if they thought Twitter adhered to the principle of free speech and the result was overwhelming:

Screen shot from my Twitter account

Seventy percent of those who took part in the poll felt that the social media platform did not adhere rigorously to the principles of free speech.

And at that precise moment, the limitations of being American president became all too apparent — not even Trump at his swashbuckling best could bend the universe to his will, in the same way as Musk.

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