Winston Churchill: A Profile In Resilience.

His political trajectory was shaped by a series of missteps and disastrous moves, that by the 1930s, his career was pronounced effectively over and yet by 1940, his mistakes made him a perfect fit for the role of saviour of his country. This is the story of the extraordinary resilience of Winston Churchill.

Winston Churchill via Wikimedia commons

Crossing the floor

No sooner had he taken his parliamentary seat and given his maiden speech in 1901 than schisms began to appear between him and leadership of the conservatives on the question of free trade and the party’s protectionist line.

Disaster at Dardanelles

During this period, there had been a change of guard in leadership of the Liberal party, with Asquith taking over Campbell Bannerman as prime minister, in 1908, who had resigned due to ill health.

Return to the Gold Standard

When the conservatives withdrew from the Lloyd George led coalition with the Liberals in 1922, a general election was called in which, the Liberals were routed, with our subject, losing his parliamentary seat.

Abdication Crisis

Long removed from his purple patch with the Liberals and his financial stewardship of the country, Churchill wasn’t letting up in his profound propensity of championing pointless causes.

Anti-Gandhi Campaign

In the 1930s, The Labour government made it official policy to grant dominion status to India, which firmly put it on course for full independence.

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