Would Bernie Sanders Have Been a Better President Than Joe Biden?

Adebayo Adeniran
4 min readJan 2, 2022

The Democrats on my mind.

Bernie Sanders via Wikimedia Commons

One year in and the Biden presidency is in tatters.

The build back better initiative, which was meant to be the signature legislation of America’s oldest ever head of state, is being ripped apart not by Mitch McConnell but by a Democrat senator of an area not much bigger than Brooklyn.

Confidence in the dollar, in all its years of existence, is at an all time low. The greenback, once the symbol of America’s global economic might, is now the emblem of hyperinflation; its value has fallen precipitously against the pound sterling — a currency not having the best of times, either.

In Afghanistan, the vacuum left by America under Biden, has been filled by the Taliban. The new generation of theocrats are determined not to repeat the mistakes of their forebears twenty years ago and they are fast consolidating power in a way never seen before.

Russia under Vladmir Putin, is pressing ahead with plans to invade Ukraine, knowing fully well that America, under its current leadership, has never been weaker and the timing to expand its empire has never been more propitious.

President Xi Jingping of China, while Biden has been comatose, has been flexing his muscles around the world. China has effectively bought huge swathes of Africa with its cheap loans, made Barbados dump the Queen and effectively taking over the commanding heights of sovereign nations, as we have seen in Sri Lanka and Uganda.

While the world was falling off its axis in 2021, Joe Biden was busy making pronouncements to us that he would be running for a second term in 2024.

Given his extraordinarily poor performance over the course of last year and the increasing likelihood of the Democrats being shellacked in November’s midterm elections, one wonders if the party made the wrong choice in selecting the doddering geriatric over the indestructible radical socialist.

By this, I mean Senator Bernie Sanders, the self-professed socialist.

Bernie Sanders, more than any American politician, in the last 100 years, recognizes that the United States of America is a vastly unequal country, with its richest 10% owning

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