Wouldn’t It Be Nice If MacKenzie Scott Did a Big Giveaway For Medium Writers?

Adebayo Adeniran
2 min readJan 24, 2023

My two cents..

Image by John Guccione via Pexels

Medium is home to several famous writers.

There are Presidents, politicians, tech geniuses, hedge fund managers in our midst, whose preferred platform is Medium.

And there’s MacKenzie Scott.

Back in 2021, not too long after her divorce and cashing her chips, former Mrs. Bezos came here to break the news that she would be giving huge sums away to a good number of charities.

For those who read her articles back then, they will have been blown away, just as I was, by her extreme generosity.

In the post embedded above, Ms. Scott gave away 2.7 billion dollars to various charities and programs.

I imagine that the life changing sums will have had the profoundest impact on the recipients back then, given the economic circumstances of lots of folks emerging from the pandemic.

Our protagonist didn’t stop there; she returned for an encore.



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