Your job is to play the devil's advocate endlessly on a number of subjects.

The point here is that articles such as yours uphold white supremacy, more than write-ups from BIPOC, at their most nonsensical and incendiary.

You mention nuance etc. but when you look at hundreds of years of racist literature and films, there was no such thing as subtlety and imagination when it came to depicting black people as neanderthals, savages and children, needing to be brought up to the white man's level.

Racism has blighted and destroyed the lives of millions of BIPOC around the world, hence the anger, the essays and articles that you don't enjoy seeing.

Until you engage sufficiently with the complexity of racism with a willingness to learn, articles such as yours will continue to gloss over the serious problems of being black in the west today.

Watch Spike lee's comments at the ongoing Cannes festival regarding a film that he made over 30 years ago and you would have a profound appreciation of what Black people are having to endure.

Read the article on the Atlantic about policing in America, published a few days ago on medium.

Far beyond the confines of a space where we can debate these issues, we have a race of people really catching hell, by virtue of Black.

If you got out of the confines of your whiteness and ventured into the world of the other, you wouldn't come out with this nonsense.

A lifelong bibliophile, who seeks to unleash his energy on as many subjects as possible